About GoHedge

Athens area live plant rental & pruning

GoHedge Plant Rentals and Pruning delivers live shrubs and trees for your special event. We also offer a variety of pruning services to help your landscape plants and shrubs look their best naturally and thrive.

As a small, local business, GoHedge supports the go-local movement by sourcing plants, nursery supplies, sewing, web design and more in the surrounding Athens area.


Meet Chad Miller

Chad Miller has called the Athens area home for 15 years. Here he spends time cultivating plants, shrubs and trees for his niche service, — live plant rental and hand pruning.
“I find that I’m always piddling around in my garden, pruning or propagating something,” he explains. “I work as hard on that as anything else I do.”

Chad has been gardening a very long time. Growing up in the small rural town of Abbeville, SC, it was Chad’s grandfather who first taught him how to plant gardens. Vegetables and flowers filled the beds and gardening instinctively became a big part of his childhood.

After a Master’s degree in Animal Science and several years living on a sailboat, Chad realized he missed growing and pruning— a lot.

“It just kind of occurred to me, why am I on water when I enjoy plants so much” he says. Soon after his return to land and his love of horticulture Chad reflects on the lifelong relationship with gardening, “At some point I realized, I have had a garden every year I was not on a boat.”

Today, Chad has a private nursery where he enjoys the satisfaction of seeing his plants grow.

Beyond propagation, however, Chad takes special pride managing the natural growth through careful, selective pruning. Chad explains the value of experience. “Seeing the results of my work, ten years down the road, that’s what brings me the most reward. I just feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity over the years to learn from so many growers, horticulturists, orchardists, and arborists who were so generous with their time.”

Athens-Clarke County, Bogart, Watkinsville, Oconee County, Winterville, Oglethorpe County, and the surrounding areas.